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November 2021

*We are a part 

of many of the Supplement programs on your Medicare/Medicaid--they offer great benefits/pricing.

*We offer Tele-programming 

for your hearing comfort.  It is a service that allows you to remain in your home, and we can program your devices via the internet.


Call us that you have arrived, and we will come get your devices, clean and service, and return them you without you getting out of your car.  If you have a service policy with us, it is a FREE service.  If no policy there may be a $10-25 fee for in house parts.We also have batteries($5)  and filters ($10)


and a working hearing aid will help keep you informed.

*We offer convenience

schedule an appointment many times the same week.

*We offer trials

in many cases longer than an in office experience, 

(offer exempts the TWC and insurance purchases)

*We offer discounts

come in and let us screen your hearing and see what will benefit you the most. A screening is FREE

(Come Trust 109 years of combined "Wampler Legacy" years of experience!

Blair 8, Gayle 26, Polly 44 and J had 32 years in the business! Daddy taught us all! )

"You guys are a well kept secret, I don't know why I haven't been coming here all along."   Mrs. Flo

" I have tried others, and you show the most care and concern for me", Mrs. Pat, Lubbock

Starkey customs are now RECHARGEABLE! 


  Paradise is the newest platform from Phonak

Blu from Unitron    

Connects directly to your phone and many are rechargeable--NO Batteries.

Both will connect to your telephone without any other devices to wear for connectivity!

We have the Artificial Intelligence (AI) Livio by Starkey!

A fall detector, fitbit readings, language translator, and a hearing aid!

Just ask for a demonstration!

Be sure to mention this webpage when you come. 

We offer you $1000 off the purchase of a Premium pair of new hearing aids.

There are other discounts available.

Come in this month so we can help you


We want to be your ONLY Hearing Health Professional!

See our article in

Senior Link 

Check your new Medicare Plan and Supplemental Plans they may have hearing benefits included, and we may be your provider. (some at NO COST to you, or discounted options) 

We are Providers for: Hearing Care Solutions, Tru Hearing, Hear USA, EPIC, and Nations Hearing, United Healthcare, AARP, Humana, Amerigroup, BlueCross, BlueShield, 

Serving the Lubbock and Plainview, and now Amarillo areas

*Artificial Intelligence in Hearing Aids

*Rechargeable Hearing Aids

*Stream your phone conversation directly into Hearing Aids

*Hear TV better, right into your ear

*Enjoy your reunions, by hearing conversations more clearly

*Save money on the purchase of a premium pair, mention this webpage

Mission Statement:

We are concerned about each patient, as if, they are a member of our family. We want to serve the hearing needs, while being very instrumental in their overall health and well being. Jesus is the head of our practice and we strive for Him to be evident in each of our interactions.

How can the commercials offer you perfect hearing restored?

We explain that we sell hearing AIDS, not hearing PERFECTS!  We use the hearing you now have and improve on it to best of our ability and the technology available for your hearing loss.

Come in and let us explain.

How can our competitors offer you Hearing aids for under $500?

We can also offer the same prices they offer, BUT we feel you would not be happy with the results, and you have still invested $1000 in hearing aids. We will be glad for you to try a pair of the same kind of devices they offer, to see if this is what you would like to help improve your hearing and understanding.

Bring in your questions before you make a purchase. Bring in their ads, and we can also show you these same products.

We will discuss the options over a cup of coffee!

We have been serving you now in the Lubbock/Plainview/ Amarillo area for 11 years as

Grand Hearing Center,

and we boast of our 45 year

"Wampler" Legacy

in the South Plains Area.


812 W 8th 11-B  Plainview

3711 C 20th St (20th and Memphis) Lubbock

It is important to have a baseline hearing screening for yourself and your loved ones, and then have a routine annual screening each year. This makes sure you know if your hearing is changing, and we can help determine what might be the causes. We advise you tak e all precautions to protect your hearing. Many have very oud circumstances in their prfessions and hobbies and home life. Ear protection is very impotrtant and many times very expensive. There is sophiscated protection avaialbe, or even as simple as foam earplugs, but keeping your residual hearing at normal levels, keeps you out of our office, professionally.

Medical needs can also damage hearing. Many medications are ototoxic. Come in and let us evaluate what might be damaging your hearing.

Research also show many of the health issues we face, have side effects of hearing loss. Smoking, heart disease, diabetes, cancer and its treatments are just a few. It is important to wach for any signs of change. Call us for questions and screenings. Both are FREE!

We have a monthly column in the "Plainview Herald" last Sunday of the month edition,

"Ask the Professional"

We also have a quarterly article in the magazine "Senior Link" . 

Lubbock/Amarillo/South Plains Area